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Beautiful interiors begin with style, vision and inspiration.

They come to fruition through impeccable choices, careful consideration and sound logistics.

Kim Brockinton brings all this to every project she undertakes.

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“I invite you to explore the possibilities of your interior design with me at Kim Brockinton Interiors. Together we will create spaces that live as comfortably you do.”

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“Every client brings his or her unique aesthetic to the ultimate design of their interior space: the way they want to live in that space and the emotion they want it to evoke are critical elements in how I approach their design.  My work interprets that aesthetic based on experience with color, texture, architecture, culture and practicality.”

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Since launching Kim Brockinton Interiors in 1994, her work has been featured in At Home in Arkansas, and Country French. Kim’s signature style has often been characterized as timeless, classic, intimate, and romantic.  Indeed, her travels to Italy and France over the last three decades have significantly informed her work – whether a cottage in the Cotswolds, a villa in Provence, a farmhouse in Tuscany, or a formal French home in Paris – she has always found inspiration in European architecture and style. However, recognizing the cultural shift to high-rise and condominium living, Kim also works comfortably in the transitional style that champions subtle distinctions, successfully merging classic design elements with modern furnishings and accessories to create distinctive contemporary interiors.


Because style must necessarily be wedded with function, Kim is well versed in construction.  She has extensive experience working with contractors and architects on new construction and extensive remodels where she is charged with making sure the plans allow for the home or commercial space to be livable, but also aesthetically pleasing.


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